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The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a dramatic chain of events that are plunging the world into crisis. What does it mean for traders and investors, and why an economic crisis is the right time for trading? Let’s figure this out with the help of experts from Grand Capital.

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Thursday, March 19th—the news of the day: Asia faces a second coronavirus wave as infected citizens return from abroad amid a relaxed quarantine. Current rates: EUR/USD is at 1.0859, GBP/USD—1.1583, both falling. Brent oil also continues to fall, the current price is $26.70 ...


Even the current situation in the world being as it is, the markets are beginning to show optimism, which means it’s time to act! Read our new round-up of interview with contest winners, learn about the life goals of different traders, and let their stories inspire your own success ...


A simple web search query “how to trade in Forex” will yield dozens of on-site and online classes for beginners and traders of various experiences. With professional guidance and structured teaching programs, it’s much easier to get down to business. However, it doesn’t mean that beginners can’t ...


Imagine you’ve thoroughly examined a set of rules and an algorithm of actions that should lead you to a profitable trade. You make sure that every step you take follows a popular professional strategy with hundreds of enthusiastic reviews and… you irretrievably blow your deposit. Who’s to blame ...


Many traders would like to have a magic wand that would enable them to make a profit just like that, with no effort. However, if it were so simple, we’d all be millionaires; trading, first and foremost, is an intellectual work. Although there’s no magical solution, traders always ...


As part of the crisis response measures in the US, the Federal Reserve cut the interest rate to nearly zero, and provided $2.3 trillion to support the economy. Other governments are not far behind, consistently throwing liquidity at the coronavirus crisis. Traders and investors should be ready for even ...


Early in the pandemic, when lockdowns were being imposed across the world, we wrote a post about making money during the crisis. The recommendations concerned the shares of major companies, NASDAQ, and gold. Now it’s time to look at the results. Here’s how much two traders with $5 ...


Thursday, May 14th—today's news: US Treasury yields fall after the pessimistic statements by the Fed and ahead of the jobless claims data. European markets are weakened, global investors turn to Chinese stocks, as they are stronger than the American ones amid the pandemic. EUR/USD is at 1 ...


On April 20th, the oil market was shaken by a unique historic collapse of WTI crude oil futures contracts: the price went below zero, as low as minus $40 per barrel. The spot price at the time was $15. Can there be a negative oil spot price, and should private ...


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