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How to trade currencies in Grand Capital



What are the best instruments for trading, and how to use them wisely? This is a popular question among novice traders, and we are here to clarify it. Let’s learn how to trade currency pairs and discover some foreign exchange market features.


The foreign exchange market is based on …

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Have you already verified your account in the Private office?



If there’s still something in your way to verify your account, read the instruction on how to do it simple and easy:

Step 1: take pictures and scan your documents

1. Collect all necessary documents (see the list below).

2. Take a picture of or scan the docs: each one …

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Position trading: fix profits in the long run



We continue our series of educational articles about trading strategies. Today’s topic is position trading — the long-term strategy. You will learn the main principles of the position trading strategy and find out when it is preferable to use it.

Position trading is a strategy where a trader opens a …

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Cryptocurrency trading 101: how to place crypto trade in Grand Capital



When Bitcoin was created in 2009, only a few people paid attention. Then came the 2017 massive crypto bull run, which pushed the price of major virtual currency through the roof. While it captured the attention of investors, not many people were convinced about crypto potential.

The next bullish market …

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Five things every trader should learn



Trading is a competitive sport that requires knowledge and skill to be successful. Each trader will have a unique way of approaching the markets, but there are trading basics everyone should be familiar with. Let’s find out what they are!

Learn the basics

Firstly, dive into management, position sizing, and …

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Six Reasons to Quit Your Hired Job



Do you want to work for an international company in a good position? That's a high-key goal, especially if you aim at the biggest market players. Even better, if it works out to use the reputation of a brand and gain income while working for yourself. Can’t believe it’s real? …

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Swaps and Candles: Get Familiar With Main Trading Terms


Blog Company news

Grand Capital continues a series of articles for novice traders. We know investment might seem scary at the start. That’s why we decided to gather as much useful data as possible — and give it to you as proof of our care and support. Read it carefully and don’t hesitate …

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How to trade metals in Grand Capital



What are the best trading instruments, and how should they be used? New traders frequently ask this question, and we are here to answer it. Let's look at how to trade spot metals on the foreign exchange market.

Futures and spot metals

Right, spot metals are a part of …

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Five risk management rules traders should not forget


Blog Technical reviews

Risk management is one of the most important aspects of trading. Traders always want to get the most out of each trade while keeping risks at a minimum. Risk management strategies can help adjust your trading results and reduce losses. Its rules are pretty simple, yet they save plenty of …

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Short-Term vs. Long-Term. What is Your Strategy?



People always want to find the best type of trade to invest in. This particularly holds for short-term and long-term trading. This decision, however, varies from person to person. Ideally, the trader must decide on a trading type that best suits his/her personality.

Let us take a closer look at …

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