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What does Grand Capital provide besides favorable trading conditions, professional market analysis, and educational articles? It is bonuses and loyalty programs. We encourage you not to neglect them, as these simple conditions may help you to gain profit out of nothing. If you are not familiar with them, we recommend you to read this article carefully and use these promotions in your favor.

Promotions and bonuses

You can find promotions in the “bonuses and special offers” section of our website. Some of them are unique for each country. In most cases, you can count on any deposit 40% bonus. That means each time you deposit any amount of money, it gets bigger by 40%. This extra percent is not real money; however, you can withdraw the profit that you get with the extended deposit. Such profit will be 40% greater than without this bonus. Note that if your trading is lossy, you will not be able to withdraw anything besides the remains of your initial deposit.

Speaking of specific regions, in Thailand, for example, you can get a free shirt after depositing $3000, while the 40% bonus is still there.


Payback is a Grand Capital loyalty program where you can receive real monetary compensation for active everyday trading. The volume of Payback does not depend on the number of lots you have done but it accounts for the number of continuous trading days. The bonus starts to deposit daily after you have been trading for at least 5 days in a row. To mark every of your trading days as active, simply place at least one trade. On the 6th day, you get a Bronze status. After 16 days your status shifts to a Silver level. The last one is Gold which is 31+ active trading days.

With a Newbie status, you don’t get any bonuses. Starting with a Bronze status, you get a $0.5 for one lot, $1 for a lot with a Silver level, and $1.5 with Gold.


A rebate is a tool used within the Grand Capital affiliate program. In simple words, a Rebate is partial compensation for spread. Partners use it to motivate their clients to make more deals, paying them a small amount of money per each deal. While it decreases the overall partner’s revenue per client, the number of attracted users is higher, which makes it favorable for both affiliate and trader.

Bonuses and loyalty programs are beneficial for users. A trader gets an extended deposit and a chance to increase profit, so do not neglect the bonuses that are available to you and consider them when planning your trading strategy.

We will continue to guide you through Grand Capital’s special offers and features so stay tuned and follow our social media pages! Thank you for trading with us.

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