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Interview with contest winners: “It’s time to start working harder from home”

The world continues to recover from drastic changes: a collapse on the world’s leading exchanges, unemployment, disruption of production chains, all these are consequences of the global economic crisis. In the new interview round-up, you’ll learn how our traders cope with the difficulties that they had to face because of the economic situation, as well as how they manage to win the contests by adjusting to the market fluctuations.

Desanto Budi Prasetya from Bali, winner of the 516th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Preferred instruments: gold.

Trading strategy: support and resistance levels, scalping.

Indicators: moving averages.

I am 38, I come from East Java, the city of Malang. I moved to Denpasar to work as a driver. I lost my job to the economic crisis, and the tourism in Bali was badly damaged by the coronavirus, now there is simply no work, so I decided to focus on trading. I came to the market about 10 months ago. I received all the necessary knowledge about trading from the Internet, read many articles on Forex. My main goal is to become a professional trader, I plan to get better and learn a lot. I have a trading strategy – scalping with support and resistance levels on a 30-minute chart. When trading is intense, I drink coffee or smoke, but generally, I manage to stay calm.

I chose this broker after reading feedback and reviews on different sites. Grand Capital has received a lot of positive response, I also paid attention to the feedback from the contest winners and decided to register. I wanted to take the first place in Drag Trade because the winner can withdraw the prize without making a deposit first, which is pretty cool. By the way, I had already taken the second place earlier in this competition. Of course, my most successful trade was placed when I won this contest! I hope that this experience will help me get better at analyzing the markets, since I lost my main job due to the pandemic, and it’s time to start working harder from home. I believe that contests is a great opportunity to test your trading strategies! Traders have a chance to study the patterns of currency movement without the risk of losing funds if they are beginners like me. I think my victory is 70% luck and 30% trading skills.

My piece of advice for beginners is not to give up! Don’t be afraid to close a losing position if you feel that you have chosen the wrong strategy.

Ismail Iqbal from Pakistan, winner of the 517th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

Preferred instruments: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD.

Trading strategy: technical analysis on 4-hour and daily charts.

Indicators: moving averages and trading volume.

I’m a 40-year-old gas station owner. I have been trading for 5 years. In my spare time, I am fond of playing cricket and reading books. My boss showed me the world of Forex, for which I am very grateful to him. My dream is to turn trading into the main source of income. I am a business person, and I know what profit and loss are, so I am not nervous when making transactions.

I chose this broker based on the number of positive reviews, they got me interested in Grand Capital. I like all the contests from Grand Capital, especially the monthly ones. This round went well, I followed AUDUSD closely and anticipated all its movements.

I recommend novice traders to study the market as much as possible, then practice on a demo account, and only then open a real account and start trading with a little—but nevertheless some—knowledge! Good luck!

Zouhaier Albouchi from Tunisia, winner of the 85th round of Future Trade, received a no deposit bonus of $1,000

Preferred instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDZAR.

Trading strategy: Fibonacci, scalping.

Indicators: Stochastic Oscillator and moving averages.

I’m 40 years old, I work in agriculture, I’m interested in Forex trading. I’m a trader with 4 years of experience, I studied with established analysts who share their knowledge on Facebook and YouTube. The main goal that I strive to achieve by trading is to generate some additional income and have a decent life. When trading, I try to be patient and always follow the right entry point for the currency price. When placing a trade, I set a task for myself and try to keep my emotions under control.

Among the brokers, I chose the one most confident and reliable in communication with clients. Grand Capital is in excellent with traders. I like how the contests are organized, I like that they are reliable. It’s a great tool to test your trading strategies. This contest round was exciting, and some participants were close to victory, and I watched the results of our trades with excitement. I was very happy to take first place!

For those who are just taking their first steps into the world of finance, I recommend learning from experienced traders, try yourself in demo contests and open a demo account first. Good luck to everyone!


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