«Advice is good, but only your personal experience can teach you something». The interview with the winner of Rally Trade, Oleg Zaksor.


Contest winners

The winner of Rally Trade Oleg Zaksor believes that the secret of success is the real experience. Only getting your own experience and overcoming difficulties can get you a worthy result. This was the subject of our interview.

-Tell us about yourself: how long have you been trading in the financial markets, where did you begin?

-I am engaged in the Forex market for several years. I saw a terminal once, later I I decided to take my chance too. I studied by myself, reading issue-related materials on the Internet. I’m still in the process of learning.

-What do you do for a living?

-I am a turner, but the last time I did something at a bench was over 20 years ago. I’m working at the company that sells and repairs printers and duplicators at the moment.

-Give the list of mistakes that trading beginners do, in your opinion?  

-Many beginners consider Forex as a game. That’s why they feel excessive thrill of the race and passionate desires to win back. That kind of attitude only results in unnecessary loses and nervous breakdowns.

-What do you take notice of, when you pick your broker? And why did you choose Grand Capital?

-I’m not able to invest at the moment. So there is no trouble in picking the broker. But I look through forums, reviews ... I chose you because of the contest. Brokers are evaluated by stability and high speed of execution of warrants and by guaranty that your money and income will not disappear without a trace.

-What is the essence of your trading strategy? Did you use it in the contest? What tools do you prefer to use during the trade?

-During the competition I prefer to use the GBPJPY pair, due to its high volatility. The strategy is usually scalping. In such a short-term competition like Rally Trade, every point counts. But it’s impossible to win without some sort of risk.

-What is your advice for those, who are only going to take part in the contest?

-What can one advise? Register at Grand Capital and start trading. Advice is good, but only your personal experience can teach you something.

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