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March 2019

The future of financial services in Namibia. What the experts talked about at Grand Capital financial forum in Windhoek

On March 2nd, Grand Capital Financial Business Expo, a major investment management expo forum took place in Windhoek. The event was organized by Grand Capital, an international broker with the presence in 11 countries around the world. For quite a long time, the company's mission has been to raise financial literacy, so that people in every corner of the world can have access to education, learn to manage money and use them to generate profit. Furthermore, Grand Capital provides services that allow to receive passive income — copy trading and investment portfolios that include stock market instruments.

The business forum was held at the NIPAM head office. Several hundred people came to listen to the foreign experts and learn what’s more profitable to invest in right now. The organizers remarked on the strong motivation of the visitors, while the latter was surprised by the scale of the event.

Sergey Kozlovsky, Vice President of Grand Capital:

“We see a great promise in Namibia in terms of the growing financial services market. People are looking for new opportunities, eager to learn. And we are glad to be able to provide all that to them. Currently, as part of our program to raise financial literacy, we provide online and on-site education free of charge. Future traders will learn the basics of financial markets from renowned teachers. Top students will receive a certificate from an international company.”

Among the speakers at the event were international investment management experts from Europe, Russia, and Africa:

  • Goutam Das (Europe, Russia) — investment manager, professional trader, finance management coach;
  • Helena E. K. Nyau (Namibia) — business coordinator and financial expert.
  • Sergey Kozlovsky (Russia) — Vice President at Grand Capital, financial analyst and financial market trading teacher.

Names of these experts are already well-known to Namibian traders — you could have caught them during their African business tour in 2018. Now they came back at the invitation of their partners to host one more seminar, help open representative offices and train the staff. Now everyone can visit the office to receive free education. Our teachers will be glad to help you start trading in currency or stock market independently or under the guidance of an expert.

Goutam Das, Investment Advisor at Grand Capital:

“Today, thanks to the Internet, most of us can access financial markets right from our homes. This means that each and every person, regardless of their sex, age or place of residence, can boot up their computer and start earning. At Grand Capital seminars, we offer advice on efficient financial management and teach how to profit from Forex trading.”

Things that were discussed at the expo, in one way or another, concern each of us — where to find a source of steady income, what to invest in, how to make the most of the opportunities offered by modern financial markets.

We invite everyone to Grand Capital Financial Business Expo in South Africa that will take place on March 9th at 11:00 AM in Witpoortjie recreational center, 824 Vermooten Rd, Princess, Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

About Grand Capital

Grand Capital has been a significant presence in the financial markets for over 12 years and offers a wide range of services for trading currency pairs, CFD, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Today, over 450,000 traders around the world choose Grand Capital as their broker, while the company itself is a recipient of major international awards such as Best Forex Broker in Africa 2017 and Best Broker in Europe 2015.


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