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December 2018

Grand Capital on Telegram

We are glad to inform you that Grand Capital now has its own Telegram channel, where you can quickly and easily get up-to-date information on the foreign exchange market.

Follow our channel to receive important trading and economic news daily. Remember that keeping your hand on the market’s pulse is one of the main components of the modern trader’s success, and it can have a significant impact on your trading results.

Additionally, you’ll find free detailed technical analyses with charts provided by our experts.

On Mondays, we’ll share with you the essential economic news and events for the current trading week, only the latest and most important information for the traders will be included in our weekly overview. It will be based on the past and current indicators and contain predictions for the future market behavior. The overview will help you  monitor the releases of statistics of the world’s largest economies: the US, the UK, Japan, European Union, etc.

Thanks to the new format, you can read our channel at any time convenient for you and use this data to improve your strategy and make independent decisions.

Join our official Telegram channel!

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