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Grand Capital top management held a trading seminar in Lagos

On June 15th, Goutam Das (Director of Development in Africa), and Sergei Kozlovsky (Vice President of Grand Capital) visited Nigeria with an education seminar.

At the event, they talked to the audience about profitable trading services, investment and financial asset management.

Sergei Kozlovsky, Vice President of Grand Capital:

“During the last three years, we have held over a hundred educational events in African countries, and every time I get very similar feedback: people are interested in investment, but they don’t know where to start.

We hold lectures and seminars to get across a simple message: there’s nothing complicated about investing, and anyone can become an investor. We hope that information people receive at our events will help them start getting large and stable profits.”

The company has been deeply involved with the educational activity aimed at the promotion of financial literacy in Africa for quite some time. We hold seminars, webinars, expos. Grand Capital also provides online trading services in African countries. In 2019, over 90 thousand traders from Africa work with Grand Capital.








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