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Happy New Year, Myanmar!

Denis Kulagin, Head of International Development:

“Dear clients from Myanmar!

On behalf of Grand Capital, I wish you a happy New Year. May the New Year bring abundant joy into your life, happiness and harmony to your family, and let trading help you achieve your dreams!”

To celebrate the holiday, Grand Capital offers a 100% bonus and discounts on trading robots.

To take part in the promotion:

  1. Deposit at least $100 into your Standard or Swap Free account from 4th to 31st of April, 2019, using any convenient payment option;

  2. Submit a request for claiming the bonus and a link to the trading robot you selected to or The email must contain the name of the promotion “100% Bonus Throughout April” and your account ID.

  3. Wait for the funds to be transferred to your account.

To get a discount on a trading robot:

  1. Get a discount promo code for the robot you selected from your manager.

  2. Go to

  3. Fill out the form, enter your promo code and your account ID in the comment section.

  4. Start trading and getting profit!



Learn more about the promotion in the news.

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