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January 2019

Interview with contest winners: “Forex means huge potential”

There’s a popular opinion that trading requires long and persistent training. However, many traders disprove this statement by their own example. Read our latest interview round-up to learn how the winner of Drag Trade Rizki Dalpun achieved success in only a year.

Shah Muhammad Umair, Pakistan, the winner of the 235th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus

My name is Muhammad Umair, I’m 32 and I’m from Pakistan. I’m trained in finance, studied Forex at the university. I found the topic so interesting that I decided to become a trader myself. At first, I traded on a demo account. After the first profit, Forex became a real passion. I set myself a goal: earn a billion dollars and start my own brokerage company. My preferred currency pair for trading is USD/CAD, because its quotation is always moving in accordance with my technical analysis. To avoid being nervous and taking risks, I use small leverage, always pay attention to technical and fundamental analysis, set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and never change them. I look for brokers who offer fast execution, deposits and withdrawals, responsive client support. Grand Capital has been on the market for a long time, it’s a reliable broker with great contests, so you can see why people choose to trade with them.

Forex means huge potential for earning, but you have to study a lot.

Aleksadr Grinyov, Russia, the winner of the 450th round of Drag Trade, received real $200.

I’m 65, retired, have been trading for five years. Aside from Forex, I’m into fishing and astronomy. I mostly use trading strategies based on patterns and candlesticks, favorite indicators are Murrey, RSI and moving averages. My goal in Forex? A simple question! I want to become a millionaire. I started trading with Grand Capital because of the opportunity to participate in great contests, their integrity, fast and professional response of their support in live chat. When I was taking part in Drag Trade, I didn’t employ any particular strategy, I was just sure that USD/ZAR will go south.

Rizki Dalpun, Indonesia, the winner of the 451st round of Drag Trade, received real $200.

I’ve been trading in financial markets for a year. I’m 45, work as a retail clerk. My dream is to make enough money trading to support my family. I like Grand Capital contests because they are quick. I won in Drag Trade because I was using technical analysis and was trading in a short timeframe (1 minute). I chose Grand Capital because they allow to process all transactions through Indonesian banks.

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