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April 2018

Interview with Future Trade contest winner: “Make your own decisions in trading, but heed the advice of the professionals”

The winner of the 62nd round of Future Trade is Yusuf Darmawan from Indonesia. Yusuf spent 20 hours straight in front of the monitor keeping track of the price movements. His preferred strategy and persistence helped him win the contest’s main prize, $1000 no-deposit bonus. 

Tell us a little about yourself, what is your occupation?

I’m a forwarding agent, I deliver documents and various valuables from my company’s head office to other cities.

How did you become a trader? For how long have you been trading?

A friend told me about Forex back in 2012. I have since read up on the subject and started trading in earnest in 2014.

Are financial markets popular in Indonesia?

I think that Forex is quite a popular trend now not only in my country but worldwide. Many brokers, Grand Capital included, hold educational seminars here in Indonesia. Thanks to these, a lot more people are getting to know about trading.

What’s the most attractive thing about trading for you?

I love trading because it demands different kinds of knowledge, from psychology to mathematical analysis.

Tell us about how you learned trading. What difficulties did you come across in the beginning?

At first, a friend was teaching me. Then I started learning on my own, read articles on the web and trained on a demo account. The hardest thing was to learn how to determine short and long positions.

Tell us about your most memorable trade.

It was Friday. The stock exchange was closing up and I made my bet on downtrend. On Monday the upper position surged and I lost my money. I was only a beginner then and I didn’t realize that in two days the market situation can change drastically. It was my biggest loss and I don’t make such mistakes anymore.

What strategies do you prefer? What strategies proved to be most successful?

I use High Low strategy. I place a long position if the indicator is oversold and vice versa.

What are your favorite trading instruments?

I like trading highly volatile contracts. My preferred instruments are gold, oil, GBP/USD and USD/CAD.

What’s the most important thing about a broker? How do you choose one and why have you picked Grand Capital?

The most important criterion is fast and secure withdrawal. It’s also quite important for brokers to offer profitable promotions and bonuses. Grand Capital ticks all the boxes.

Why have you decided to enter Future Trade?

I took part in the previous round of the contest, but I didn’t reach the top. So I was very excited and the main prize also provided a huge incentive.

What helped you win?

My strategy and persistence. I was carefully following the price movements for 20 hours straight. Yes, it was exactly my careful attention to trends that helped me win.

What would you recommend for beginners?

Some say that you shouldn’t trust the opinion of others and you should only rely on your own one. It’s so, but I would add that sometimes it’s still useful to heed the advice of the professionals. My advice for newcomers: don’t give up and go for the victory!

Read Future Trade contest rules and sign-up for the next round here.

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