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July 2018

Interview with the winners of rounds 427 and 428 of Drag Trade

Before our trading contests went on summer break, we spoke with our winners of the 427th and 428th rounds of Drag Trade and asked them to share their recipes for success in Forex.

Vadim Artemchenko, the winner of 427th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Trading experience: 1 year
  • Preferred trading instruments: those with positive swap and long one-direction movements

I’m 21, I go to a technical university and one of my hobbies is Forex trading. I’ve not been doing it for too long, so I’m still learning. I don’t rule out the possibility of changing my mind about trading, but right now my goal is to start getting regular income and make it my main source of income. My most memorable trade was “sell in may and go away” with EUR/USD this year. I prefer medium-term trading because it’s easier to handle my anxiety this way. I pay attention to reputation and reliability when choosing a broker. Judging by the reviews, Grand Capital does well according to these criteria. I like taking part in contests because they give an opportunity to compare your skills to that of the other traders and start trading on a real account without the initial deposit if you win. Drag Trade lasts only an hour and a lot depends on the choice of instrument, so the most difficult part was to find a currency pair ready to take off right then and there.

Igor Puchkov, the winner of 428th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Trading experience: 7 years
  • Preferred trading instruments: NZD/USD, EUR/USD
  • Preferred trading strategies: day trading

I’m 51, I work in purchasing and also I’m into fishing. I passed special training courses and studied a lot on my own to learn trading. The most effective way of learning is practice, the Forex trading per se. Although I’ve been trading for 7 years, my attitude towards it haven’t changed much, I still like it. My goal is to make $100,000. My most memorable trade was when I managed to increase my deposit from $2 to $100. It’s impossible to cope with anxiety when trading, sometimes I just step away from the monitor. When choosing a broker it’s necessary to make sure that their quotes are correct and that the withdrawals are carried out without delays. I liked Grand Capital because the company has a representative office in Tolyatti. I won Drag Trade partly due to the well-timed growth of NZD and thanks to my discipline I didn’t exit the trade.

Currently our trading contests are on summer break. They will be resumed in due time, stay tuned for the updates!

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