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Payment system ThunderX pay available at Grand Capital

We’re pleased to announce that Grand Capital added ThunderX pay as a payment option specifically for our clients and partners from Thailand! We have received numerous requests concerning the integration of this system, and now it’s finally available on our website.

Denis Kulagin, Head of International Development at Grand Capital:

“ThunderX pay is working with 12 banks of Thailand and is already familiar to our clients, many use it for interbank and online transfers. Instead of routine operations required by both the bank and the payment recipient, ThunderX pay asks you only to scan a QR code. This significantly simplifies the depositing process and saves traders’ precious time.”

ThunderX pay means:

  • Ease of use. Just scan an QR code instead of filling out multiple forms.

  • No deposit fees.

  • 40% bonus for all deposits into Standard and Swap Free accounts.

To make a deposit using ThunderX pay:

1. Go to the Deposit section in your Private Office and select ThunderX pay;

2. Fill in the required fields and scan the QR code with your mobile bank app and confirm the payment;

3. Fill out the form, send all the required documents and click Transfer Funds;

4. The funds will be transferred to your account. You can start trading and making profit!

Deposit via ThunderX pay

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