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Change of tickers in Grand Capital trading terminal

Dear clients and partners! 

For your convenience, CFD tickers for futures contracts in Grand Capital trading terminal are going to be changed. For a period of time both new and old variants will be displayed in the terminal. Then the old tickers will be removed from the terminal entirely.

Tickers will be changed for the following categories of instruments:

  • CFD Grains 
  • CFD Financials
  • CFD Meats
  • CFD Energies
  • CFD Softs
  • CFD Indices
  • CFD Currencies

Two variants of CFD tickers for currency pairs are already displayed in the Market Review section of the terminal.

For example, tickers for the Australian dollar: 

  • old variant: 6А(U7);
  • new variant: @AUD(U7).

CFD tickers for grains have also already been changed.

For example, here are the tickers for corn futures:

  • ZCU7 — old variant;
  • @CU7 — new variant.

The rest of CFD tickers (except for Russian stock and foreign stock CFDs) are also going to be changed soon following the same pattern. 

You you have open trades for the mentioned CFDs, the respective tickers will be replaced by the new ones.

If you have any questions, please contact Grand Capital technical support by filing a ticket in your Private Office.

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