«Till the last moment I didn’t believe that I would come first” – interview with the winner of Future Trade

It’s not the first time a contest winner says that they didn’t expect to take to first place. This only proves once again that lack of experience, a significant gap in trading results or even being late for contest are not the reasons to give up. In today’s interview Lidia Rudenko – the winner of 41st round or Future Trade contest will tell you how she won $1000 in a Grand Capital demo contest.

Why did you choose a futures contest while the majority of traders prefer currency pairs to trade with?

Yes, I am also used to currency pairs. But I believe that a person should always try to broaden their mind. Trading is no exception for me.  

Why did you choose Grand Capital and which of our services do you use at the moment?

One of the main factors for me is round the clock customer support. It is especially important for traders who don’t only trade in daytime. I also like your website as it is filled with useful information.

For this round you chose futures contract for Russell 2000. Why did you choose this index?

Oh that’s simple: I chose Russell 2000 simply because one of the previous winners succeeded trading it. So I decided to also try it.

Tell us about your trading strategy. Which strategy do you consider to the most successful?

I tried to learn different strategies. Unfortunately, lack of discipline is why I couldn’t succeed in using many of them. So the best thing for me is to follow the trend without any limitations in time. I prefer wider timeframes. But it’s all different when it comes to the contest. If you want to win you need to risk, set high volume and make unprecedented decisions. I think that is what you need to do in order to win.

Tell as a bit about your trading career. What did you start with and how long have you been trading on financial markets?

I have being doing it for a long time now. It all started when I felt that I didn’t earn as much money as I wanted so I started looking for ways to make some extra cash. That’s how I came to Forex at the first place. I’ve had both positive and negative experience. I’ve also participated in other brokers’ contests but my prize there didn’t exceed 20USD.

Did you participate in the contest for the first time or you tried many times?

I’ve participated many times. I’ve always thought though that the first place is unreachable for me, but my luck turned and here I am!

What was your success factor in this round?

This round was very intense. Till the last moment I didn’t believe that I would come first, because the previous contest winners finished their rounds with much better results. I think that my determination helped me to win.

What would you recommend or wish to those who are just going to take part in the contest?

Go for it, fight till the end and the result will not keep you waiting!

Future Trade contest is one of the regular Grand Capital demo contests and is held on every first week of the month. You don't need any investments to participate in the contest. During the whole week, trading with deposit of $10 000 on a demo account you need to get the highest profit and then the main prize of $1000 will be in your hands.

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