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A modern investment service which combines high control over risks and extensive income opportunities.

Full control over risks
Full control over risks
Select the copy ratio for your trades and set the drawdown limit to minimize the risks. You can connect your account to several strategies and turn off strategies at any time.
Wide selection of strategies
Wide selection of strategies
The RAMM rating includes the best strategies from traders who trade with different brokers.
Weekly profit
Weekly profit
At the end of each trading period, after the trading session closes on Friday, all RAMM traders automatically get profit for the past week.
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Rating of strategies

Strategy Monthly profitability Dynamics Number of investors Age, weeks
Risk disclosure: results of previous trading operations don't guarantee identical results in the future.

How it works

After you create a RAMM account, you can connect it to one or more strategies from the rating. Choose strategies based on the indicators of monthly profitability and account balance. Select the copy ratio of transactions and set drawdown limits to minimize the risks.

How to profit with RAMM accounts

  • For investors
  • For traders

Trading on the stock exchange is connected with risks, so it is normal if you're not so sure about your skills. To make trades profitable from the very beginning, use the experience of professionals – connect to their strategy. The system of RAMM accounts will automatically copy the transactions.

Minimum investment per one trading strategy
Single RAMM account for hundreds of strategies
  • Risk control system. The investor puts weekly drawdown limits. You can switch off the strategy and close trades at any time.
  • Orders are executed instantly at the same prices, which ensures the minimum commission for specific transactions. It means a greater potential for earnings, especially for high-frequency trading systems.
  • Automatic lot calculation for positions opening. You need to specify the invested amount and the weekly loss limit. All other parameters will be calculated automatically, based on the ratio of your investment and the capital of the manager.

Are you good at Forex trading and want to earn more? Share your trading strategies with thousands of traders and earn commission for each successful transaction.

Minimum deposit per one trading strategy
Favorable trading conditions and high liquidity
  • Earnings up to 50% from the profits of Investors — the commission is set separately.
  • You can trade yourself, as well as use EAs and high-frequency strategies.
  • Your profit is calculated automatically at the end of each trading period.

How to open a RAMM account

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