Grand Capital Business Expo
A major financial event in Namibia

Take part in a massive trading expo in Windhoek, Namibia! Come to Grand Capital Financial Business Expo on March 2nd at 10:00 AM to learn trading from professionals, or become a speaker and share your knowlegde.

NIPAM head office, Paul Nash Street, Olympia, Executive conference hall. Windhoek, Namibia.

Contact us:
+264 812266799 / +264 817591828,,

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Head speakers

Sergey Kozlovsky

Financial analyst

Sergey Kozlovsky is a financial analyst at Grand Capital and a seasoned financial expert who will teach you how to hold your finger on the pulse of the market and profit from it.

Goutam Das

Investment advisor at Grand Capital

Goutam is an experienced trader and investor with an encyclopedic knowledge of various trading platforms. He's an effective financial coach who inspired many sucessful traders.

Helena E. K Nyau

Business Coordinator, Namibia

Helen is a business instructor with vast experience in financial markets. She will provide valuable insights on how to take advantage of the most modern earning opportunities: cryptocurrency, stock and currency trading.

Topics to be discussed at the Expo:

How to become a successful investor
Technical and fundamental analysis
How to profit from currency, stocks and CFD trading
Successful trading strategies
What is capital management
How to start your own business in Forex industry

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