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Chart of XAUUSDe

0.3 ( -0.15%)
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Bid/Ask: - / - Daily range: / 52 weeks: - Prior day closing price: 1798.4700 Opening price: 1798.4700
Instrument Bid Ask Spread Percentage
XAUUSDe 1798.47 1799.67 0.3 -0.15%
XAGUSDe 18.693 18.756 0.1 +0.41%
XAUEURe 1591.42 1592.63 0.3 -0.32%
XAGEURe 16.469 16.671 0.1 +0.30%
XPDUSDe 1951.17 1999.13 9.6 +0.70%
XPTUSDe 817.10 838.27 4.3 -1.60%
CUCUSDe 2.90780 2.91460 0.1 +2.67%

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This is the most popular spot contract on the market. XAU/USD is a practical trading instrument with a great liquidity and volatility appealing to traders. Over a long period, a bearish trend has been dominating the market, but analysts predict a strong reversal. That’s why now is the right time to enter long-term positions for XAU/USD.
The biggest difficulty in trading this spot contract lies in the necessity to analyze a wide range of various factors: employment levels, inflation and GDP in the US, changes in oil prices, EUR/USD behavior. However, despite all the difficulties, it’s an actually viable trading instrument that can generate profit. Some experts think that XAU/USD is more suitable for conservative trading with large deposits.


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