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Chart of XPDUSDe

3.0 ( +0.75%)
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Bid/Ask: - / - Daily range: / 52 weeks: - Prior day closing price: 1913.9800 Opening price: 1913.9800
Instrument Bid Ask Spread Percentage
XAUUSDe 1773.49 1776.55 0.7 -0.11%
XAGUSDe 17.989 18.081 0.1 +0.31%
XAUEURe 1577.82 1579.83 0.5 -0.12%
XAGEURe 15.939 16.151 0.1 +0.45%
XPDUSDe 1913.98 1928.72 3.0 +0.75%
XPTUSDe 815.06 820.08 1.1 -0.12%
CUCUSDe 2.71300 2.71720 0.1 -0.86%

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XPD ticker stands for palladium. This trading instrument indicates the price of spot contracts for this precious metal expressed in American dollars. The biggest exporters of palladium include the US, Canada, Russia, certain African countries. This means that the price changes of this instrument are tightly connected with the economies of the aforementioned countries. The value of this precious metal is supported by its demand. Palladium is actively used in automotive industry, jewelry, dentistry, electronics.
XPD/USD is characterized by its very dynamic range of fluctuations. In some market formations this instrument can be used for hedging. However, sometimes it loses this useful ability. Spot contracts for gold are recommended for investors who prefer highly intensive kind of trading.


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