Crypto Surprises: Back to the Top Again

We all began to forget about cryptocurrencies last month and had plenty of other news to care about. Suddenly, crypto managed to surprise us all on Chinese New Year’s Eve and began to grow exponentially. In this new article for the Grand Capital blog we will explain, why should you pay attention to the growth this time and what are the next steps to be taken.

The total market capitalization of the crypto market entered the year 2023 in weak attempts to break the resistance level at 800.000.000 USD, which is quite a modest level compared to, say, December 2022 numbers. But starting from Week Two of the new year the attack on the psychological level of one trillion US dollars had begun and resulted in a successful breakthrough between January 20 and 21. Analysts forecast that the current consolidation around USD is a mere preparation for further growth.

Bitcoin alone grew c. 25% in a week (40% growth since January 9, 2023), while many of the other popular coins (Dogecoin, EOS) showed tens of percent a day.

The media falls apart explaining the reasons, though. Some say that the shape of the growth curve looks unnatural like it always does when insiders implement a coordinated pump (artificial boost of the asset price). Others point out that crypto prices obviously correlate with a moderate optimism on global stock markets, inspired by lowered energy prices, promising inflation, and employment numbers elsewhere, as well as by US 500, DJ, S&P 500, and Nasdaq indices: they are crawling up to the lost December 2022 highs, shaping the distinct trend up from October 2022 lows. And what we observe is the outcome of all these factors combined.

Take the crypto-related news, plenty of good signs there too: whales (owners of crypto-wallets with 100 BTC and more) continue to swallow more and more coins; the Central African Republic founds a committee for the preparation of applicable laws for crypto circulation and tokenization in the region; the United Arab Emirates confirm the intention to switch financial transactions to crypto in part…

These are all positive signals and it is high time to seize the opportunity. Mind, that crypto-currencies are traded  24/7 and everyone can catch his or her lucky moment of profit. As usual, the first step is always the hardest.

One requires a user-friendly and easy trading platform, like MetaTrader, №1 trading software globally with tens of millions of active professional users, who did choose it for a reason.

Also, a fine selection of coins is a plus. Bitcoin is not alone in the list of cryptocurrencies, promising good profit.

And the core point: this must all be assembled under the umbrella of a secure broker with a wide range of trading instruments, sane leverage, transparent trading, speedy and convenient deposits/withdrawals, and multilingual professional support.

Crypto Account at Grand Capital broker was launched several years ago and we made thorough considerations of the feedback from our clients when making it. 68 trading pairs (cryptocurrency/fiat currency) are at the disposal of a trader, the leverage is 1:10, and you can start trading with an affordable deposit of 100 USD. We use the trusted MetaTrader 4 platform, and deposits by bank cards and crypto are available.

Rush to catch your moment of crypto-luck, open an account now. Feel free to address your questions to the Clients Support in your Private Office, in the online chat (bottom right corner of the website), or at

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