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GC Invest for Investors: How to Profit Without Trading Experience

In the preceding article, we dwelled on the notion of copy trading and how it operates. Briefly: copy trading is a system of automatic coping of trades, a cutting-edge trading and investment service, user-friendly and flexible in operation. It’s time today to explain, what are the benefits of GC Invest for investors, specifically.

So, you possess free cash, wish to multiply it, but are unsure where to start or think it is overly complicated and risky. Here are all but a few strong points of GC Invest:

  • You may start from just 100 USD and above;
  • Easy interface, clear for any level of experience;
  • Transparent and detailed;
  • Your funds remain safe: your deposit will not be transferred to the account of the money manager and remains with you; managers receive a commission on the profits they make with your funds, and that is all;
  • Wide selection of strategies by our best traders from all around the world: choose an aggressive but risky approach vs a conservative and safe one, it’s all up to you.

The full record of transactions, funds transfers, etc. is available in real-time at any moment in your Private Office. The profit is deposited to the trading strategy account, you even don’t need to log in to the trading terminal!

Connecting yourself to GC Invest service has never been easier:

  • Open an account at our broker and verify it. Do it by hitting the button:

    Start Investing
  • In Private Office, go to ‘Investments’, click ‘Copytrading, then: ‘For Investors’, and ‘Become an Investor’;
  • ‘Invest’ account will be created automatically the moment after. Deposit it with any sum you want above 100 USD;
  • Choose a money manager that is up to you from the open rating. Here, we would advise noting those with the special mark of professional trader. This is granted to the first-place winners of Grand Capital Cup tournament only. The tournament is a new contest for traders with strict rules and tough competition, so: only the best win, truly;
  • Click ‘Invest’ link by the strategy of your choice, and put the sum you would like to tie to it.

Success! Click here to download the step-by-step instruction for registration. As usual, our Client Support is always there to address your requests in online chat, in Private Office, or at support@grandcapital.net.

P.S. Coming soon: final article of GC-Invest trilogy about the benefits for traders and money managers. Stay aware!

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