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Grand Capital offers dozens of trading tools. However, the concept of these instruments might be unclear for novice traders. In this article, we will study the categories of trading tools available in Grand Capital.

CFD Concept

Contract for difference (CFDs) refers to an agreement between two parties to trade financial instruments based on the difference between entry and closing prices. The arrangement of differences includes:

  • The seller pays the buyer the difference in case the closing price of the transaction is higher than the opening price. In this case, the contract is considered a win-win for the buyer;
  • Where the current asset price is lower than the exit price at the opening of the contract, the profit is to the seller, not the buyer;
  • CFD allows traders to deposit a small deposit to maintain trading status, flexibility, and possibilities;
  • There are no restrictions regarding the timing of entry or exit;
  • No time constraints during the exchange period;
  • No restrictions on entering a purchase or sale deal on the open.

Trading tools categories at Grand Capital

Grand Capital offers six types of trading tools:


Stocks are investments in a company, the value of which changes according to the company's performance. Shares are traded on global and domestic exchanges. Of course, when you buy a stock in a company, you become a shareholder in the company.


Metals, especially precious ones such as gold, silver, and copper, have always been a trading tool. It’s important to know that these metals don’t serve only as futures assets but also as trading tools. Although the gold standard was abandoned in 1971, gold still has an important place in the global financial markets. In times of international and even domestic economic crisis, gold is used as a reserve currency, and its value grows as concerns start.


Indices show price changes in specific categories of securities, as well as the overall state of the stock market, including ups and downs. Indices trading is generally popular among the trading community because of the diversification of risks. Despite frequent swings in the stock market, indices traders are insured against withdrawals because of the diversity of stocks listed in the indices.

Currency pairs

Currency pairs are among the most common financial market instruments traded by millions worldwide. The currency trading tool is flexible with a constantly volatile price, creating opportunities for large profits for tradespeople. Grand Capital offers more than 50 such tools. Among them are familiar with major currency pairs and rare instruments.

Contracts for Differences over Crude Oil

Oil is one of the most valuable natural resources used in many industries. It significantly impacts daily life, and its prices are an important economic indicator. In contrast, oil prices are highly volatile, allowing traders to profit by selling and buying this resource. Grand Capital provides two terms of reference for trading in oil: WTI (West Texas Intermediate ore) and Brent.

Cryptocurrencies Trading

Currency trading is also one of the most common types of trading because digital currencies have created a global outcry since they entered our lives. Grand Capital offers the trade of the most common cryptocurrency: Purchase or sell contracts for differences on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

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