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What is the character of a successful trader? Some may say it is about high intelligence in general, superior abilities to analyze the market or even pure luck. Others might think persistence and patience are key elements of a trading mindset. All of these are true to some extent, but we are inclined to say that discipline is the most important characteristic of a successful trader. In this article, we decided to tell why you need discipline and how to develop it. 

What is discipline?

Discipline is a habit of acting following certain rules. It is self-control and the ability to stick to the chosen plan. Trading discipline means following your own trading rules, avoiding emotional decisions, and being consistent.  

Why do you need discipline in trading? 

The main reason why you need discipline is to avoid making emotional decisions. They are often irrational and can lead to losses. 

Emotions are natural yet can harm your results. Most traders get far too overwhelmed after a series of losses or gains. At some point, a strong passion emerges, making your decisions inconsistent and risky. That is better to avoid. 

How to develop discipline in trading? 

As we said before, discipline is a habit. It means you have to work on yourself every day to develop it. There are many ways to do so. Here are some of the most effective ones: 

1. Set trading rules and stick to them 

Trading rules are the guidelines that you follow when you trade. They can be about anything, from a set of your favorite assets to a time you dedicate to trading. It is important that you set trading rules that suit your trading style and personality. 

Trading rules also include your trading style. Read our overview of trading styles and choose what suits you. 

2. Follow a trading plan 

Another way to develop discipline in trading is to follow a trading plan. A trading plan includes your trading strategy, risk management rules, and money management rules. It is important that you follow your trading plan strictly and set it up on logical grounds. 

3. Control your emotions 

The reason why traders make emotional decisions is that they let their emotions control them. Emotions are a normal part of trading, but you should not let them affect your decisions. One of the best ways to control your emotions is to use a trading journal. It is a place where you can track your emotions and see how they affect your trading. 

Read our article about a trading journal and start keeping your own using our recommendations. This will help you succeed! 

4. Be patient 

Patience is a virtue in trading. It is important that you be patient and wait for the right opportunity to enter a trade. Many traders open a trade too early and exit too soon. They do not wait for the position to develop and do not give it enough time to work. 

5. Be consistent 

It is hard to maintain a trading plan without consistency. Being consistent is crucial for your trading strategy. Many traders make the mistake of changing their trading plan too often. They do not give the plan or the strategy enough time to show positive results.   

It is not likely that you will profit in trading if you neglect to follow rules of discipline. Every trader is their own worst enemy — don’t let your inconsistent and emotional part take control over your trading decisions. Instead, use our educational materials to build up your strategy and implement trading ideas you can find on our Telegram channel. We will assist you with more trading tips, so keep in touch and trade with Grand Capital! 

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