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What makes the 40% deposit bonus offered by Grand Capital the most popular among traders? The answer is simple: it’s the bonus with the most advantageous and transparent terms out there. Here’s how to claim it, use it for trading, and make a guaranteed withdrawal to your bank card.

It’s a usual practice among brokers to engage clients with bonuses and special offers. The most common types of bonuses are a welcome bonus offered for registration and the first deposit, a bonus for any deposit, and a bonus that doesn’t require depositing anything. However, this attractive promotional coating of generosity often hides impossible withdrawal terms—not only for the bonus itself, but sometimes also for your personal funds. A bonus for any deposit is much more practical, as you don’t have to be a new client, and it can be claimed (ideally) multiple times.

Everything looks simple on the promotional landing page, but once you get to the Terms & Conditions section, it turns out that most brokers require that a lengthy list of unfavorable conditions is met by the trader in order to claim (even more so, to withdraw) the bonus.

How Clients Get Scammed

As for how the withdrawable bonus is converted into the client’s personal funds, the terms are often practically impossible to meet. That’s why it’s of vital importance to carefully read the withdrawal terms before trusting any bonus offer. Traders often make their choice based on the highest bonus percentage offered for the deposit. However, the most generous presents from brokers are often the hardest to withdraw.

Dishonest brokers sometimes aggressively push their bonuses, making it harder for a trader to withdraw funds. Here’s a real case that we learned from our client who came to us from another broker (we won’t name the company due to ethical considerations). After the trader earned $18,000, the broker gave them a 50% bonus without asking. However, the client’s joy didn’t last long—as it turned out, even the initial deposit can’t be withdrawn before the volume conditions for the bonus are met. As a result, the client couldn’t withdraw both the bonus funds, and his own deposit and profit.

Advantages of 40% Deposit Bonus

40% deposit bonus offered by Grand Capital is valid indefinitely. It’s been allowing traders to increase their profit and curb risks for many years. This is achieved by boosting the client’s balance without making any extra deposits.

It’s the most transparent bonus out there without complex and often hidden conditions, unlike those offered by many other brokers.

Any Deposit Bonus: the Advantages

  • In the process of trading, the bonus is gradually converted into the client’s personal funds: $3 per lot;
  • Traders don’t have to meet the volume requirements for the entire amount of the bonus in order to make a withdrawal. It can be converted into your personal funds and withdrawn bit by bit: the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Bonuses offered by other brokers (and event the client’s personal funds) often can’t be withdrawn before meeting the requirements for the entire volume—such bonuses are more trouble than they are worth.
  • The bonus is given to be used directly for Forex trading. The bonus funds can serve as margin, or for drawdown. If the client loses all their money, bonus funds are not deducted from their account. It’s possible to trade using the bonus funds exclusively!
  • Brokers often set a tight deadline for the active usage of bonus funds—from 30 to 60 days. And the volume requirements for withdrawal are extremely high. As a result, the real possibility of withdrawing such “gifts” is close to zero. Grand Capital, on the other hand, offers the bonus for six months. And then it can be renewed for another six months. Moreover, the bonus remains in the client’s account for as long as they need it. Just deposit 10% of the bonus amount to renew it. This means it can be withdrawn in a year, or two—with minimum investments.
  • The bonus doesn’t prevent you from withdrawing your personal funds. If the volume requirements are not met, the bonus will simply decrease in proportion to the amount withdrawn.
  • It’s not a welcome bonus, it can be claimed with each new deposit. You don’t have to be a new client with Grand Capital. The bonus can be claimed any time you need it. Right after making a deposit, or in a week, a month and even a year later, provided there are enough funds in your account.
  • The bonus is granted for the while deposit amount, even if the client’s already lost a part of it. For example, a client deposited $1,000, lost $400, and only then applied for the bonus. In this case, even if they have only $600 in their account, they will receive 40% of $1,000, meaning $400. The account will once again have $1,000. This way the bonus can be used to recover funds in case of losses.

Comparison of withdrawable bonus offers

For illustrative purposes, let’s compare the 40% bonus at Grand Capital with similar offers provided by other brokers.


Grand Capital

GKFX Prime



40% deposit bonus


550% bonus

Withdrawal conditions

$3 per 1 lot of trading volume in the first six months

Can’t be withdrawn. Basically, a loan.

For MT4 ECN, MT5:

Can’t be withdrawn. Not available for drawdown.

For MT4 STP: 2 bonus units per 1 lot.

Withdrawal term

6 months

2 months since the deposit


Renewal conditions

At least 10% of the bonus size



Number of deposits

Multiple deposits

Multiple deposits

One-time deposit

Maximum bonus finds


$5,500. In case of multiple instances, total bonus funds received can’t exceed $11,000.



Leverage 1:100 and above

The bonus is canceled if the funds are withdrawn while the bonus is active.


Eligible accounts

Standard, Swap Free

Standard Fixed,

Standard Variable,

VIP Variable,

ECN Zero


Deposit amount

At least $100

At least $500



How to withdraw the bonus?

First, all profit received from trading the bonus funds is freely withdrawable at any time with no limits. Second, the bonus funds can also be withdrawn according to a transparent algorithm. So, here’s how to claim and withdraw the bonus:

1. Make a deposit of any amount into your Standard or Swap Free account (minimum deposit amount is $200). Now you can claim 40% of your deposit.

2. Request a bonus in your Private Office, or contact your personal manager via email.

3. Upload your ID and proof of residence to your Private Office, so that you can withdraw the bonus later.

4. Use the bonus funds to increase the profit from your trading. $3 of the bonus funds will be converted into your personal balance per 1 traded lot.

5. Renew the bonus after six months by depositing at least 10% of the remaining bonus funds at the moment of renewal.

6. To withdraw the bonus funds, submit a request in your Private Office, or via email with “Any Deposit Bonus” in the subject line. Minimum withdrawal amount for bonus funds is $50.

We’d like to remind you that the bonus is used not only for profit generation, but also for drawdown. This means that you don’t lose your personal funds in case of an unsuccessful trade.

What’s the word among traders about the 40% bonus?

Vladimir S., Russia

“Five years ago, I was trading coffee. I had a clear signal, talked it over with my analyst several times, looked it up on the trading forums. But, as it happens, something went wrong. A correction, immediately followed by the second wave. I had no more money left in my balance, and I almost said goodbye to my money, but decided to talk to the company. And not in vain! It turned out I hadn’t claimed my deposit bonus several weeks before. And all the previous ones! In the end, I used my 40% bonus funds for ALL deposits so I could wait out the drawdown and trade according to the initial signal. The bonus saved my money and my enthusiasm!”

Narendra M., India

“40%: is it much? I have always regarded bonuses with skepticism. I thought that it’s wise to count on your own funds only, while bonuses are always rigged in favor of the broker. This had been my understanding before I encountered Grand Capital and its bonus system. I searched for a catch, but there wasn’t one. I decided to trust them and I wasn’t wrong. Bonus funds saved me when trading on multiple occasions, acting as the missing margin and allowing me to make more. And the modest, on the first glance, the amount of bonus helped me avoid doing something rash and cross the boundaries of my own risk system.”

Anwar U., Indonesia

“Listen to your managers! I request a custom investment portfolio from the company, then tested it on a demo account for six months before making real investments. When I made a deposit and wanted to buy, I decided to rearrange the portfolio to increase its potential return. A manager recommended using the most of my deposit as the margin for my trades, while hedging the risks with bonus funds and floating Stop Loss. As a result: 115% of profit in a quarter instead of the initially planned 60!”

The bonus can be claimed an unlimited number of times provided there are no bonus funds from other offers in your account. Make the most of Grand Capital’s offerings to practice and make money with minimum risks.

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