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Dear clients! 

We continue to improve your trading experience and make our services more convenient for you. As you have already noticed, we’ve slashed spreads at the average rate of 50%. Now you can trade even more profitably on Grand Capital! Please note that the spread decrease is available only on Forex and Forex metal groups of trading instruments. 

Moreover, starting November 22, we are implementing the floating leverage calculation for Standard MT4 accounts. It is also applied to Forex and Forex Metals instrument groups. 

Floating leverage is calculated from the volume of a position. Leverage changes in each group of instruments orthogonally. Below you can find examples of how it works on the Forex group of instruments: 

  • If the aggregate principal amount of the position is less than $ 300,000 - the maximum available leverage = 1000 

  • With the aggregate principal amount of the position is from $ 300,000 to $ 2,000,000 - the maximum available leverage = 500 

  • With the aggregate principal amount of the position is from $ 2.000.000 - $ 2.500.000 - the maximum available leverage = 200 

  • With the aggregate principal amount of the position is from $ 2,500,000 - $ 3,000,000 - the maximum available leverage = 100 

  • With the aggregate principal amount of the position is from $ 3,000,000 - $ 5,000,000 - the maximum available leverage = 50 

  • With an aggregate principal amount of a position is $ 5,000,000 or more, the maximum available leverage = 25 

Please note that the abovementioned floating leverage and reduced spreads are available only on instruments of the Forex and Forex Metals groups. Also, margin requirements are applied for each group of trading instruments. If there is an insufficient amount of funds on your account, your opened positions may be forcibly closed. On demo accounts, the calculation of margin requirements corresponds to the calculation on the real accounts. 

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