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Grand Capital now offers RAMM copy trading service

Since June 6th, 2019, a new innovative copy trading system is available to clients of Grand Capital. RAMM provides for a trading process with enhanced risk control and rational profit distribution.

Giancarlo Spinnato head of GC LTD:

“We have launched RAMM, one more copy trading service. We like the security it provides and its flexibility, we hope that our traders also appreciate them. Among the advantages I want to mention the high level of control that each party has over their funds. For example, an investor can connect to a strategy and disconnect from it at any time, while their profit would depend entirely on the period during which the investor was connected to the service.

Another important advantage is high accuracy of copying, which means that the profit would fully correspond to the author’s strategy. Moreover, a manager (strategy’s author) can trade any volumes without thinking about how much money has been currently committed by the investors. Trades on investors’ accounts open automatically, while their trading volume can be even less than 0.01 lot, which allows to make very small investments.”

Advantages of RAMM for investors:

  • Instant connection to a strategy and commission-free withdrawal;

  • Ability to set up copy ratio and weekly drawdown limits;

  • Possibility of seting up investing goals: as soon as the goal is achieved, your account will automatically disconnect from a strategy;

  • Option to disconnect from a strategy at any time without any fines;

  • High accuracy of trade copying;

  • Minimum deposit required to use RAMM platform is $100;

  • Minimum sum of investment into one strategy is only $50;

  • Ability to diversify risks and connect to several strategies simultaneously;

  • Capital Protection feature that can help you determine the maximum allowed loss level’

  • Daily profit;

  • Simple trading process: the system automatically calculates position volume.

Advantages of RAMM for managers (authors of strategies):

  • Two management formulas:

—trading on a Grand Capital account in MetaTrader 5 with automatic trade copying to RAMM;

—trading in MetaTrader 4/5 with any other broker with installed EA for the transfer of trade data.

  • Ability to set up two kinds of reward: contingency fee (up to 50% in case of success) and turnover commission (up to $10 from one million);
  • Minimum balance required to create a RAMM strategy is $50;

  • Automatic payout of profit at the end of each week.

How to start using RAMM?

To become an investor, open a RAMM account:

1. Go to your Private Office, click Create an account and choose RAMM;

2. Deposit at least $100 using any convenient payment method;

3. Select at least one of the strategies presented in RAMM rating and connect to it.

There are two ways to become a RAMM manager:

If you already have a MetaTrader 5 account at Grand Capital:

1. Create a RAMM account through your Private Office.

2. Choose an existing MT5 account in your Private Office and click Create a RAMM strategy button next to it.








Specify the name and the parameters of your strategy.

If you don’t have a MT5 trading account:

1. Go to RAMM platformm click Create a strategy and set the required parameters.

2. You will be offered to download an EA. You will need to put it on the chart in MT4 or MT5 on any account.

3. After this, all your actions on this account will be considered as orders for your strategy. This means that all investors who connect to your strategy will receive the same orders on their accounts.


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