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Grand Capital weekly recap (February 12th–16th)

Learn about the previous trading week of the clients of Grand Capital. The top results are in our traditional recap.

The most active client

Placed 1843 trades, including 983 profitable ones and 860 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/JPY, AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was $36,067.00.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$13,183.46. The trade was opened on the 7th of February at 5:15 PM and closed on the 14tg of February at 5:34 PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • NATURAL GAS — natural gas futures. The contract size is 10,000 million BTU. BTU (British thermal unit) is a unit of heat used in the United States. Today natural gas is widely used as a feedstock in the chemical industry. It is also used for heating of residential buildings and as a fuel for cars and power plants;

  • PALLADIUM — palladium futures contract. The contract size is standard and equals 100 troy ounces (around 3.11 kg). One tick is 0.05 and costs $5;

  • CORN — Corn futures contract. One corn futures contract volume is 5000 bushels or 127 metric tons. Minimum price fluctuation is 0.25 and costs $12.5;

  • #LUKOIL («Лукойл») — a Russian oil company. Lukoil's main areas of activity include the operations of prospecting, extraction and processing of oil and natural gas, sales of oil and oil products. According to Expert, a Russian business magazine, it's the second company in Russia after Gazprom by revenue as of 2014;

  • #MTS — a Russian telecommunications company. The company provides mobile network services, landline, broadband internet, mobile TV, cable and satellite TV. Trade volume — 431.2 billion RUB (2015).

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