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Grand Capital weekly recap (February 19th–23rd)

Read about the last week’s most efficient traders.

The most active client

Placed 1356 trades, including 873 profitable ones and 483 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved USD/JPY, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, GBP/JPY.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was $24 872,00.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$15 750,00. The trade was opened on the 14th of February at 4:49 PM and closed on the 19th of February at 5:33 PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders:

  • KC — coffee futures contract. The contract size is 37,500 pounds (around 17 tons). One tick is 0.05 and costs $18.75. Coffee market has a higher liquidity than many other commodity markets because of the high demand for coffee;
  • S&P 500 — a futures mini contract for S&P 500 stock index. The size of the mini contract for S&P 500 index is calculated by multiplying the index quotation by $50. One tick equals 0.25 index points and costs $12.50. S&P 500 index is a stock index which includes the selected 500 US public companies with the largest market capitalization;
  • COPPER — Copper futures. Contract volume is 25,000 pounds (around 11.34 tons). Minimum price step is $0.0005 per pound ($12.5 per contract). Millions of investors follow the copper quotations every day. Copper was the first metal to be worked and used by man. Total world production of copper is about 16 million tons per year;
  • #RUSGIDRO (RusHydro) — a Russian hydroelectricity company, owner of the most hydroelectric power plants in the country, one of the major Russian power-generating companies by installed plant capacity and world’s second largest hydroelectric generating company (behind Eletrobras) Capitalization: 360 billion RUB (2017);
  • #APPLE — an American manufacturer of personal computers, tablets, audio players, mobile phones and software. Apple occupies the first place in the world by market capitalization, which is 850 billion USD as of September 5th, 2017.

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