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Grand Capital weekly recap (May 7th–11th)

Last week was great for Grand Capital traders. The most successful trade resulted in a profit of $25.088. Read our traditional weekly recap and learn more about this and other trading results of the last week.

The most active client

Placed 1580 trades, including 899 profitable ones and 681 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved GBP/USD, GBP/AUD and EUR/USD.

Maximum deposit growth

For one week on a single trading account was $43,351.99.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$25,088. The trade was opened on the 22nd of March at 6:27 PM and closed on the 7th of May at 4:30 PM.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week:

  • GOLD — gold futures. Contract volume: 100 troy ounces (around 3.11 kg). Minimum price step: $0.1 per ounce ($10 per contract). The price of gold usually grows during economic crises. Historically, the inflation growth is also usually accompanied by the growth of gold prices;
  • OATS — Oats futures. The size of the futures contract for oats is 5000 bushels. Since bushel is historically a unit of volume, the weight equivalent is different for each type of grain crops (for oats it’s 86 metric tons);
  • #FACEBOOK — the world's largest online social network and the eponymous company that owns it. Facebook is one of the five most visited websites in the world. As of June 2017, the monthly audience of the network is 2 billion users. The company also owns a number of other popular services, such as Instagram and WhatsApp;
  • #KO (The Coca-Cola Company) — an American food company, the world's largest producer and supplier of non-alcoholic beverages. The company’s most famous product is Coca-Cola drink. Included in Fortune 500 list for 2015 (62nd place). Market capitalization: $200.11 billion (2018);
  • #PFE (Pfizer) — an American pharmaceutical corporation, one of the world’s largest companies in the industry. The company is the producer of the blockbuster drug Lipitor, used to lower blood cholesterol. Pfizer shares were included in Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2004.

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