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Interview with contest winners: Forex changed my life

Our new interview round-up features an experienced trader and poker player, a civil servant and a math student. Learn how they learned trading, what helps them remain calm during work and why temperament often determines the manner of trading.

Junaid Malik. Pakistan, winner of the 469th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Preferred currency pairs: USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY
  • Preferred indicators: RSI, MACD, moving averages, Bollinger lines

My name is Junaid Malik, I’m an employee of the state and my hobbies include Forex trading and videogames. I worked as a school teacher back in 2012 when I started trading, and it changed my life. At the time I was a complete newbie, knew nothing about financial market trading, but friends showed me the ropes. My goal is to earn enough to buy a big new house and a car. Usually, I don’t get nervous when trading, since I prefer long-term strategies and closely follow the market. I never trade short-term to avoid anxiety. When choosing a broker I pay attention to regulation, and it seems like Grand Capital is regulated by a reputable organization. My advice for beginners is to always use stop loss and take profit.

Stefan Rados, Serbia, winner of the 470th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Preferred instruments: gold and major currency pairs
  • Preferred indicators: RSI, overbought and oversold levels, MACD.

My name Is Stefan Rados, I’m 30 and I work as an electrical engineer. I also trade and play poker. I want to start my own poker website and a brokerage company. Currently, my main goal is to earn 5 million dollars a year. I’m very emotional and it’s difficult for me to control my temper. I strictly follow the chosen trading strategy, this helps me to remain calm.

I like Grand Capital contests because of the duration of their rounds and the possibility to follow the results real-time. The contest that I took part in did not last too long. I had decided on a strategy and an instrument beforehand, I knew that I had pretty good chances, and won.

Jovana Cvetkovic, Serbia, winner of the 245th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500

I’m 24, I study math and want to become a professional trader. I learned everything on my own and still keep learning. Sometimes I take a walk to clear my head and calm down. I like Grand Capital contests: simple rules, easy to keep track of the results.

During this round I was trading GBP. I kept refreshing the page each minute to make sure I’m still number one. I think I won thanks to guessing the price movement direction correctly and setting the right trade expiration time. If you’re a beginner, study the market and the risks associated with Forex trading carefully, and also choose a good trading strategy.

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