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Interview with contest winners: I learned trading only by the method of trial and error

Our latest interview round-up features traders who, having accumulated vast experience by the method of trial and error, give useful pieces of advice to beginners. It’s interesting that several winners at once noted that the most important things you need to achieve your goals are persistence and positive mindset, not special knowledge. Be patient and never give up: such is the motto underlying their ideas of trading.

Aleksei Zakharov, Russia, winner of the 472nd round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Preferred currency pairs: GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/JPY и XAUUSD.
  • Indicators: overbought and oversold levels, VSA.

My name is Aleksei, I’m 38 and I work in construction. My hobbies include Forex trading and sports. I started trading in 2015. I tried learning in different ways, but I finally learned trading only by the method of trial and error. My goal is to use Forex to achieve financial independence. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with stress when something goes wrong, and you shouldn’t trade while emotional, better to take a pause and consider the situation soberly.

When choosing a broker I pay attention to clients’ reviews. You could give endless pieces of advice to beginners, but the most important thing is to understand the point yourself. So I’ll be brief: if something’s not working out, don’t despair and always move forward!

Khelifi Bassem, Tunisia, winner of the 246th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500

I’m 26, I work in construction and agriculture, and since recently I’ve been interested in Forex trading. I used textbooks and manuals I found on the web to learn. My goal in Forex is to start getting enough extra income to enjoy life and buy a nice car. When I look for a new broker, I check if they have good execution prices and execution speed. All this I found at Grand Capital.

I like Grand Capital contests because I can test trading strategies and earn money. My advice to novice trades is to outline your own path to success, be patient and never give up. You should study Forex thoroughly and don’t make rushed decisions. Carefully analyze everything, keep calm when trading and one day you’ll become a winner.

Khan Usman, Pakistan, winner of the 75th round of Futures Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $1,000

My name is Khan Usman, I’m from Pakistan. I live in Bajaur and work as a junior engineer at a power plant. One of my coworkers was making good money trading and I asked him about it. He told me a lot about Forex and taught me, now I’ve been trading on my own for over two years. What I like about trading is that it allows to earn fast, while it can be combined with a regular job, you can just monitor the market from your phone or a computer. The hardest thing for me about financial market trading is to find entry points and closing times. I don’t really have a preferred strategy, but I like using Moving Averages indicator. It helps understand the market direction. I entered the contest just for fun, but in the end I got carried away and won.

I advise beginners to learn technical analysis before starting to trade, even if you have to spend money on it.

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