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Interview with contest winners: I want to be a trading icon for others

The winners of the 467th and 468th rounds of Drag Trade both told us about importance of control without conspiring together beforehand. Read how it helped them in the contest and what else do you need for successful trading.

Mathias Dossou, Benin, winner of the 468th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

My name is Mathias, I’m from Benin. I got interested in trading in March, 2018. Soon I’ll turn 32, I’m a happy husband and father. I have my own idols: Mark Twain, Joan Baez, TS Eliot, Nora Roberts, Timothy Ferriss and others. I want to be a trading idol for others myself. I study technical analysis, know a lot of indicators: Ichimoku, RSI, MACD, Moving Averages. I attended a trading academy to learn financial market trading. My best trade was placed this February. My deposit went from 0.87 EUR to 25 EUR within only two days. I thought I found the Grail, but then immediately blew all I earned. Before deciding on a broker I looked into many companies and read reviews. I like transparent contest conditions at Grand Capital, Drag Trade is a difficult competition which makes my adrenaline level go up fast. It requires special technique that actually works and enables to come first. I recommend all novice traders to try their hands at all Grand Capital contests, practice more on a demo account and always remember about control.


Valeriy Kuzishin, Ukraine, winner of the 467th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

I’m 52 and I work as a carbon dioxide production operator. I like outdoor activities and sports. I learned trading watching online videos, webinars and reading educational materials. However, I consider practice to be the most effective method of education, since theory without practice is useless. When my knowledge of Forex was superficial, I thought trading was some kind of game. But now I understand that it’s work and it requires constant learning. I want to achieve stability in trading. I’m not hoping for millions, but at least for regularly profitable trades.

On his most successful trade

My most successful trade was placed in 2016. It was during the Brexit referendum. Everyone was sure that the UK would remain in the EU, so the GBP rate was rapidlt growing. About 11 PM I sold some pounds and in the morning I had about 1,000 pips of profit. However, the trade was placed on a demo account. I think all my successful and profitable trades are still ahead.

It’s important to do everything with careful consideration so that you don’t have to worry too much: correctly calculate the lot’s volume, use stop loss and remember that all trades can’t be profitable.

On choosing a broker

When choosing a broker I pay attention to reliability, client support, access to all useful information. All this comes together at Grand Capital. Not a single question was left unanswered by client support. I think that Grand Capital is a reliable broker that makes me confident in the safety of my funds.

This round of Drag Trade was pretty tense. It can’t be any other way, the competition is only an hour long and the opponents don’t sleep. I managed to stick to my initial plan and control my trading. Well, I was also lucky. I’m not sure I have the right to give advice, but all beginners (including myself) must learn more, be disciplined in trading, conform to all rules of money management and never lose hope.

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