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Interview with contest winners: “For me, Grand Capital is a broker with flawless reputation”

There’s no such thing as the universal secret of success in trading. Thanks to multiple strategies and instruments, as well as a certain skill anyone can find something that will bring them profit. Learn the trading preferences of our contest winners in the latest interview round-up.

Akbar Abid, Pakistan, winner of the 74th round of Future Trade, received $1,000 no-deposit bonus

My name is Abid Akbar, I’m 31 and I’m a sales manager. Forex trading has been my main hobby ever since I learned to do it properly. I’ve been trading for seven years, at first on a demo account, then on a real one. I like the process of trading itself, as well as the profit I get from it. During the whole time I’ve been trading I had a lot of unsuccessful and successful trades. Among those that brought me the most profit, the one with XAUUSD stuck in my memory. In order to learn trading, I watched webinars and video lessons, tried different brokers. At first I traded on a demo account and everything seemed easy, however since I switched to a real account I’m always afraid to lose.

I don’t have one single strategy, but I prefer trading long-term, that’s why I chose the contest with futures. Short-term trading and scalping aren’t my thing. My favorite instruments are gold and oil CFDs, spot metals.

When choosing a broker, I pay attention first of all to regulation and contests. As soon as I realized that Grand Capital offers really great contests, I chose them.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to win, but did it after all thanks to focusing exclusively on trades, confidence and support from my family.

Maria Bibikova, winner of the 466th round of Drag Trade, received $200

I’m 32, I work in healthcare. My work takes up most of my time, so there’s not enough room in my life for hobbies and entertainment.

I learned trading from my own experience and mistakes. All in all I consider trading to be a profession you can’t learn. My attitude towards it is fairly simple: I view it as a source of extra income. With time I started react less emotionally to the results of trading. Of course, successful trades still make me happy, while unsuccessful ones disappoint. My trading strategy became more conservative as I went on.

What I like about Grand Capital is that they offer short-term contests, it adds the thrill. In this round of Drag Trade I chose the pair with the maximum expected volatility due to the Brexit uncertainty, GBP/USD and it worked. In general I prefer instruments with low spreads and short-term trend trading strategies. The most important thing about a broker for me is reliability. Considering this, Grand Capital is a broker with flawless reputation, interesting promotions and contests.

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