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New bank card verification rules

Please be informed that we have introduced new rules of bank card verification.

When using a bank card to make a deposit, you need to provide a color photo of both sides of the card. The first six and the last four digits of the card’s number must be clearly visible on the photo. The digits in between, as well as the CVV/CVC code on the back of the card must be covered by a real object (a piece of paper, a sticker etc.). The card holder’s signature on the back of the card must be legible. The card must be visible in full. If your card doesn’t have the holder’s name, you must upload a bank account statement or a screenshot from the online bank, where the card number’s first four digits, expiration date and holder’s name are clearly visible (the screenshot must contain online bank’s URL. If there’s any sensitive data, it must be covered).

If you want to make sure that you pass the verification as quickly as possible, we suggest providing photos (not scans) of your documents (ID, passport, driver’s license etc.).

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