LAMM: the Full User Guide

Grand Capital has a LAMM service! For those set on trying this tool, the Grand Capital team has prepared a full user guide to trade and investment with the LAMM platform. 

How to begin 

To start working with LAMM, you need to open a trading account. Go to your Private Office, check the Trading tab, then in the Trading accounts section click Create an account. LAMM works only with accounts Standard, Micro, and Swap Free. After you save your credentials, make a deposit. The minimal deposit required to start trading with LAMM is $10 if you have a Micro account and $100 with others. So, make sure you have the required sum on your account. However, for a sure start, the recommended sum is at least $300. 

After opening a Grand Capital account and making a deposit, traders don’t need to transfer their funds to the strategy. It will broadcast their trading from the chosen account anyway.

What’s next?

Once the new account is open, the novice investor can choose among strategies offered by LAMM managers. It is up to you, how many strategies to use — not necessarily to use just one. The strategies are shown in the LAMM investments tab, via the Rating of managers link. The manager’s accounts might be arranged in different orders according to a filter you choose. For example, from the most profitable to the least profitable. Clicking one of the accounts will open their detailed stats and some other indicators.


In each strategy tab, an investor can see monthly and overall profit percentages, as well as a chart showing the manager’s trading results of all time. After analyzing the performance dynamics of each manager, an investor can choose the most reliable strategy.

Only you choose how to copy from managers. After you select a strategy, choose the replication ratio between 0.1 and 10. With a ratio equal to 1 you will copy the manager’s transactions exactly. With a greater number, you will multiply the volume of your deals. For instance, the ratio of 2 will make your transactions twice as large as that of your manager’s. However, a number less than one probably won’t allow you to copy every move – some assets can’t be divided into smaller parts, so it is best to use 1 or more. The common way to understand your replication ratio is this simple formula: your balance / manager’s balance = replication ratio.


Automatic loss limitation is available

You can set an Equity limit. It ensures you from losing too much money. Let’s say you set equity to 100. It means that once your balance reaches a value of $100, all your copied deals  are automatically closed  and you are disconnected from the manager. This is how you can adjust it: in your Private Office, go to the LAMM investments tab and find the Equity column. Then write a preferred value in the text box below. It is important not to set an equity limit close to your balance volume — in this case, your deals might close because of any minor drawdown. For example, if your balance is $110, do not set your equity limit to 100. Try smaller limits.


If you wish to disconnect from the master, you can easily do it through your Private Office. Select the LAMM investments tab, then click the broken chain icon with “disconnect from the manager” hover. Then there are two cancel options: Instant disconnection (finishes all your trades by the current market prices) and Trades are under the responsibility of the investor (you will need to close it manually if you wish to do so).

How to become a manager trader in LAMM?

If a trader has a Grand Capital account, there is no need to make a new deposit. The service is free for managers.

Clients of Grand Capital can create strategies with a couple of clicks. After making a deposit, click on a button shown on a screenshot. Then press Become a LAMM manager. You can set a separate commission fee for investors’ profit in USD, an interval length measured in days (depends on how often you want to receive a commission), and the name of your account. You will appear on the managers’ rating list once you have met two conditions: 1) you have done 30 deals; 2) the deals are altogether profitable.

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