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January 2019

Fundamental analysis of the current situation with Brent oil


Having sensed the market’s bullish attitude, hedge funds and speculators keep expanding their long position presence. It’s high time you, too, made your profit after the rebound, while it’s not too late. And it will surely happen! The system of indicators used successfully by 973 traders in 17 countries is now available to you. It promptly demonstrated a reversal at the important number 50 and suggested at which levels to buy.

(weekly chart)

As for when will it happen, the answer is provided by the fundamental background. Something is already implied in the price: trade war ceasefire which is curbing the demand for raw materials in China and other growing economies and the reduced export within OPEC+ deal on the part of Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries. What will support the rebound? First of all, it’s the dynamics of the slate industry in the US and Trump’s desire to stabilize prices.


Besides, it’s interesting that the Brent quotation is formed not as a price of clean oil of this North Sea oil type, but as a basket containing five oil classifications: Brent, Osoberg, Ekofisk, Troll and Fortis. Physical sales transactions involving it are registered in the OTC system Platts. 70% of all trades in the world’s oil market today are priced using Brent as a benchmark, but only 5% of all oil contracts in the futures market are backed by real physical volumes, and now it’s harmful for the oil industry players (they created it to hedge transactions), as the producers and consumers are interested in stable prices, while speculators want the market to be as volatile as possible. And they will not miss the coming opportunity! It’s all just beginning, join in!

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