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0.1 (+42.60%)
Supply/demand: 30.621/30.649
Day range: /
Spread: -
Close: 30.7639
Open: 30.7639
Supply/demand: 30.621/30.649
Day range: /
Spread: 0.1
Close: 30.7639
Open: 30.7639
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This financial assets indicates the spot price of silver expressed in the American dollar. Instruments involving silver remain among the most popular in online trading, such impressive popularity is due to enormous volatility. High level of speculation and big differences in supply/demand create optimal conditions for profitable trades. On the average, XAG/USD price fluctuations reach up to 18% annually.
The spot asset is rather universal, as it can be used for middle-term and intraday trading, as well as for scalping. Often investors use mechanical trading strategies based on indicators. Basic technical analysis instruments allow accurately predict the range and direction of price fluctuations of this instrument.

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