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ECN account

grandcapital ecn account

ECN - Professional trading

ECN account is the best choice for a professional trader. Trades are executed through Electronic Communication Network which connects traders directly with the bank and liquidity providers. It also provides fast execution without requotes and spread decrease.

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Fast execution

Requests come to the provider directly and are executed immediately

Low spreads

Spreads are much lower due to the absence of intermediaries

No requotes

The most comfortable and safe trading with no requotes

High liquidity

Quotes from the largest market-makers around the world

What is ECN?

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) is an electronic trading system which allows traders to avoid intermediaries and connect directly to the major brokerages when placing a trade. Quotes from the largest market-makers instantly come to the terminal and market changes appear immediately. The system provides trades with fast order execution, low spreads and high liquidity. With a ECN account you can trade in 24/5 mode.

Advantage of ECN over conventional systems lies in the absence of intermediaries. It provides ECN-traders with perfect order execution, significant difference in spreads and high liquidity. Moreover, trade 24/5 is available with ECN.

Who is Interested in ECN Accounts?

ECN accounts are perfect for traders who trade on news, scalpers and automatic trading system users. Trade with low spreads, high volatility and no requotes.

Professionals appreciate these advantages for active and flexible trading.

ECN Account Trading Conditions

Bank 1
Bid - 1.27458
Ask - 1.27476
Bank 2
Bid - 1.27455
Ask - 1.27469
Bank 3
Bid - 1.27451
Ask - 1.27462
Bank 4
Bid - 1.27453
Ask - 1.27460


providers bid ask spread
Bank 1 1.27458 1.27476 1.8 pips
Bank 2 1.27455 1.27469 1.4 pips
Bank 3 1.27451 1.27462 1.1 pips
Bank 4 1.27453 1.27460 0.7 pips
1.27458 SELL

Benefits of ECN accounts

Become a professional with ECN

  1. Register your account with Grand Capital

    Security of your funds is ensured by two-factor authentication
  2. Install trading software or trade in your browser with WebTrader

    Download MetaTrader 4 for your device or use WebTrader to trade in your browser
  3. Deposit money into your account in a hassle-free way

    We offer the most convenient deposit options
  4. Choose your strategy and trading instruments

    With a ECN account you get access to the most liquid market. ECN trading is comfortable and flexible.
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  • $100 minimum deposit

  • 6 currencies
    and 4 metals

  • CFD-contracts
    and futures trading

The widest range of trading instruments such as currency pairs, metals, CFD-contracts, futures. A Standard Account is the best choice for traders

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