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Long-time trading without swap is now available for everyone


No fee is charged when transferring positions through midnight


Open a Swap Free account in one click in the Private Office


You may have different account types together, with or without swap

What is a Swap Free Account?

Exchange rate fluctuation is the reason swap is taking place when transferring positions through midnight. Swap Free accounts are also called Islamic accounts as no swap on overnight positions is implied as it is against Islamic faith.

If you employ long-term strategy swaps can affect your trading results. Swap Free account gives you an opportunity to trade without swap.

Who is Interested in Swap Free Accounts?

When Swap Free accounts first appeared, they were mainly used by Muslim traders.

But traders who use long-term trading strategies can also benefit from them as there is no loss when multiple overnight positions are opened.

Advantages of a Swap Free Account in Grand Capital

Become a Professional with Swap Free

  1. Register and open an account

    Security of your funds is ensured by two-factor authentication
  2. Deposit funds into your account

    We offer the most convenient deposit options
  3. Set up the terminal or use WebTrader to trade in you browser

    Download MetaTrader 4 for PC or any mobile device or use WebTrader for online trading.
  4. Choose your strategy and trading instruments

    Learn more about trading instruments in Contract Specifications.
  5. Start making profit

    All profit is available for withdrawal. We guarantee fast processing of any amount.

Earn more on a Standard account

  • $100 minimum deposit

  • 6 currencies
    and 4 metals

  • CFD-contracts
    and futures trading

The widest range of trading instruments such as currencies, metals, CFD-contracts, futures. A standard account is the best choice for traders.

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